Saturday, April 2, 2016

Uploading woes

Well, my scanner being disconnected and in another room, I tried using my digital camera to take a photo of the first page of my journal. I am not... pleased:

Click for larger, though it won't help.

At least, though, you get an idea of what I'm using: the simple notebook from the pharmacy, and the most basic pen in existence, a black Bic Cristal. As (I recently found out) the pen actually is in a museum exhibit of modern design, I figured it was perfect to use in my alter-ego's stripped-down practical life.

More about her: she's me, more or less, though I've decided her name is Angelica instead of Andrea. (It's close enough to one of the names people have called me by mistake, "Angela." I could have gone with Adrienne, the favorite no-that's-not-my-name that I've been called, but it just reminds me too much of Rocky's girlfriend.) She was raised in an orphanage instead of being adopted, but it wasn't a horrific Dickensian childhood, merely a rather basic, disciplined one. Unlike me she learned to be practical and sensible at an early age, and like me she's a bit of a stuffy prude who is uncomfortable with emotion. Also like me, she often feels that life has rather passed her by, and she's not at all resigned to it.

I suppose I'd better hook up my scanner somehow.

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